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Having been given the opportunity for some contemplation by my former employer, Hewlett-Packard, I decided to use this forum to explore and share the perspective I have gained from several decades in the computer industry as well as what I have learned in the last decade or so from my tenure at Forrester Research and at Hewlett-Packard. At Forrester I was deeply involved in research on core data center technology, often consulting with large end users on technology strategy and planning, while at HP I took the insights I gained with the users and tried to map them to the process of developing new products. As is the habit of this industry, The the job rapidly morphed into developing strategy and programs for accommodating the latest set of high-profile trends in infrastructure – virtualization, converged fabrics, and unified management.

Going forward, I will try to share my own observations as well as those of peers, admirers, and god forbid, detractors. I would welcome suggestions on topics, comments, and new data. My goal here is to encourage discussion, maybe raise some hackles, and attract a community of like-minded souls.

Since I am currently without an employer, doing the constant networking thing while looking for the “next thing”, I have the luxury of being about as free of implicit bias and vendor ties as one can be these days, and will endeavour to keep this perspective as we explore the rapidly changing world of enterprise infrastructure,